International Custody

International Custody

Direct and Indirect Access to Your Key Markets Worldwide

At the Forefront of Innovation

The Swiss Stock Exchange’s post-trade offering regularly outscores competition in the Global Custodian magazine’s industry survey, looking at agent banks in major markets.

In the most recent edition looking at ICSDs, we outscored our rivals in every area and have developed an ever-strengthening reputation for innovation.

New solutions like our Collateral Cockpit, the Future Triparty Agent, SFTR Reporting and our Tax Claim services are just a few examples of how we are breaking new ground in the industry.  

And our ambitions don’t stop there.
We continue to pioneer the trading, clearing and settlement of digital assets on the SIX Digital Exchange. Proof positive that we are not afraid to think big on behalf of our customers.

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About This Service

Thanks to our breadth of experience and quality of service, we are the trusted custody partner for our clients in over 50 countries, and thanks to our use of multiple sources of high-quality information, our record on and ability to meet deadlines is second to none.

International Asset Servicing

Whatever your international asset servicing needs may be, we can meet them. From information management, instruction flow and deadline management, to market claims, proxy voting or market information management – we have a solution.

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