Your Reference Market For Swiss Securities

Your Reference Market For Swiss Securities

Attractive Trading Segments With Outstanding Liquidity

Trade Over 46,000 Securities on the Swiss Stock Exchange

For both buy-side and sell-side, the Swiss Stock Exchange is the premier venue for trading Swiss securities. It offers comprehensive access to over 46,000 securities, across a variety of trading segments including Equities, Bonds, Exchange Traded Funds, Mutual Funds and Sponsored Funds, Exchange Traded Products and Structured Products.

As the reference market with the highest market share of daily trading in Swiss securities, we offer unparalleled liquidity and the tightest bid/ask spreads. The quality of our order books is second to none. Whether you’re looking for the fastest or the safest execution, the best prices or the highest liquidity: the Swiss Stock Exchange combines it all.

Fair Trade

A transparent and efficient price formation process in a stable and controlled environment: these are the cornerstones of trading safely on a regulated market like the Swiss Stock Exchange.

At the Swiss Stock Exchange, you can rely on regulated and secure trading. We ensure transparent, efficient and liquid trading with the objective of treating everybody equally and protecting investors.

In addition, we provide you with the latest market data and comprehensive statistics for our entire securities universe, including order book information, prices, volumes and turnover figures.

Speed & Capacity, Perfectly Combined

We run one of the most advanced and stable trading platforms in the world. Whether it's speed or capacity you're looking for, we offer you the perfect balance between both. Coupled with our superior liquidity, this empowers you as a participant, trader and investor to flexibly respond to market developments and implement instant investment decisions. The result is excellently executed investment strategies and effectively managed risks. 

Real Insight

We provide you with the latest market data and comprehensive statistics for our entire securities universe. This includes order book information, prices, volumes and turnover figures as well as historical data and statistics.


The Trading InfoSnack articles are a series of data driven, mini-research features that provide commentary on market relevant trends, models and microstructure that influence the trading of Swiss securities. They are designed to be brief but insightful summaries of relevant trading topics, underpinned by in depth analysis compiled by the Swiss Stock Exchange’s Equities team.

The Swiss Stock Exchange publishes the Crypto Products Report on a monthly basis as well as the yearly report once a year. The report provides detailed figures about the development of the crypto products as well as information on trading activity, trends and changes in this segment to investors, market participants and the interested public. Want to receive the Crypto Product Reports on a regular basis? Sign up here