The SASS software and the hardware Primus HSM S500 needed to operate SASS can be ordered here.

Ordering SASS software

The SASS software and the corresponding documentation can directly be obtained on the password-protected Extranet.

Ordering Primus HSM S500

For ordering HSM, the form on the Extranet is to be used. The signed order is to be sent directly to Securosys. They will deliver the ordered hardware along with the correspond-ing supplemental material. The corresponding documentation and firmware updates can be obtained through the Securosys support portal.

It is important to only install the HSM firmware versions approved by SIX, because these must be approved in conjunction with the appropriate SASS software version. It is important to always use the right combination of SASS software and HSM firmware that is stipulated by SIX. Further information and details can be found here.

Securosys SA
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Phone: +41 44 552 31 00