Swiss Value Chain

This reliable value chain of SIX, which has proven itself indispensable for the Swiss financial center, networks the payment systems with the stock trading and the securities settlement systems.

The inexpensive, riskless settlement of securities transactions within seconds benefits the individual market participants, supports the competitiveness of the financial center and forms the basis of the Swiss National Bank’s monetary policy implementation.

Participation in the Swiss repo market

Institutions worldwide may participate under certain conditions in the Swiss repo market through SIX Repo. The repo business is managed by SIX Securities Services, SIX Interbank Clearing and the National Bank within the Swiss Value Chain.

The worldwide unique financial market infrastructure llinks and fully integrates the three stages of a financial transaction on an online and real time basis, securely and cost efficiently:

  • Securities transactions: Trade (SIX Swiss Exchange, SIX Repo)
  • Settlement & custody (SIX Securities Services)
  • Payments through the SIC & euroSIC systems (SIX Interbank Clearing).

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