Payments Committee Switzerland (PaCoS)

The Committee advises and supports financial institutions and SIX Interbank Clearing in designing standards and schemes for Swiss payment traffic.

PaCoS makes proposals for the further development of the regulations, coordinates these in consultations with the users and submits proposals to the Board of Directors of SIX Interbank Clearing. In doing so, it relies on specialist working groups to deal with specific issues.


  • Dieter Goerdten (Chair)
    SIX Banking Services
  • Elmar Schnarwiler (Vice-Chair)
    Credit Suisse Group AG
  • Christoph Bauer
    Migrosbank (for the individual financial institutions)
  • Daniel Berger
    SIX Banking Services
  • Rudolf Fischli
    Swiss National Bank
  • Sascha Hüsler
    UBS Switzerland AG
  • Frank Lange
    PostFinance Ltd
  • Denise Locher
    SIX Banking Services  (Secretary)
  • Peter Lützelschwab
    Cantonal Bank of Zurich (for the Union of Swiss Cantonal Banks)
  • Jean-Jacques Maillard
    Banque Cantonale Vaudoise
  • Nik Notka
    Entris Banking Ltd (for the RBA banks)
  • Ernst Weber
    Raiffeisen Switzerland (for the Raiffeisen banks)

Permanent guests

  • Alexandra Weiss
    SIX Banking Services / Legal Support Group SIC
  • Andreas Schöni
    SIX Banking Services