Payments Committee Switzerland (PaCoS)

The committee is responsible for consulting and supporting financial institutions and SIX Interbank Clearing regarding product and market design and for communication. It also deals with the coordination and interest representation in national and international committees.


  • Peter Ruoss (Chair)
    UBS Switzerland AG
  • Peter Lützelschwab (Vice-Chair)
    Cantonal Bank of Zurich (for the Union of Swiss Cantonal Banks)
  • Christoph Bauer
    Migrosbank (for the individual financial institutions)
  • Boris Brunner
    SIX Interbank Clearing AG
  • Nicolas Cramer
    UBS Switzerland AG
  • Erika Dingler
    SIX Interbank Clearing Ltd (Secretary)
  • Rudolf Fischli
    Swiss National Bank
  • Stefan Karlen
    PostFinance Ltd
  • Frank Lange
    PostFinance Ltd
  • Nik Notka
    Entris Banking Ltd (for the RBA banks)
  • Thomas Reske
    SIX Interbank Clearing Ltd
  • Elmar Schnarwiler
    Credit Suisse Group AG
  • Ernst Weber
    Arizon AG (for the Raiffeisen banks)