Project and IT-Process Steering Committee (PAP)

PAP – directly reporting to the SIX Interbank Clearing Board of Directors – is active in the area of project and process management. It ensures that the payment systems are further developed according to the financial institutions' requirements and supports SIX Interbank Clearing's implementation of the joint ventures' strategy of the Swiss financial center.


  • Ernst Weber (Chair)
    Raiffeisen Switzerland (for the Raiffeisen banks)
  • Maurizio Denaro (Vice-Chair)
    Swiss National Bank
  • Juan Bret (Secretary)
    SIX Interbank Clearing Ltd
  • Gabriele Broggini
    Zürcher Kantonalbank
  • Rolf Christen
    Credit Suisse Group Ltd
  • Caesar Gfeller
    Entris Banking (for the RBA banks)
  • Fabian Gonser
    UBS Switzerland AG
  • Bernd Jopp
    Swiss Euro Clearing Bank
  • Andreas Mechler
  • Timo Pfahl
    SIX Interbank Clearing Ltd
  • Marianne Zentriegen
    PostFinance Ltd