WG SIC-Release

The working group “SIC-Release” that reports directly to the PAP, addresses the submitted change requests and manages the content development of the SIC platform releases. In addition, it reviews the specifications created or adapted in connection with the SIC platform releases and releases them for publication.


  • Juan Bret (Chair)
    SIX Interbank Clearing Ltd
  • Aneta Woytkowiak (Secretary)
    SIX Interbank Clearing Ltd
  • Rolf Christen
    Credit Suisse Group Ltd
  • Bang Fernandez
    PostFinance Ltd  
  • Elena Flochová
    Swiss National Bank
  • Stefan Küttel
    Swiss National Bank
  • Ersan Koyuncu 
    UBS AG
  • Bruno Kudermann
  • Jürg Meili
    Zürcher Kantonalbank
  • Urs Stotz
  • Istvan Teglas
  • Ernst Weber
    Raiffeisen Switzerland (for the Raiffeisen banks)