Swiss Payments Council (SPC)

The Swiss Payments Council (SPC) constitutes a national sounding board for international topics pertaining to payment traffic.

The SPC supports the SIX Interbank Clearing Board of Directors and the Payments Committee Switzerland (PaCoS) with the evaluating and setting of strategic and operative areas of action.

It formulates positions on international developments in payment traffic and makes proposals for further action in Switzerland. It thus serves as a platform for discussion between representatives of Switzerland in international bodies and associations of the financial center.


  • Markus Beck (président)
    Raiffeisen Switzerland
  • Giuseppe D’Alelio
    Swiss National Bank
  • Susanne Eis
    SECB Swiss Euro Clearing Bank GmbH
  • Philippe Eschenmoser
    SIX, EPC Cards Working Group
  • Herwig Ganz
    Credit Suisse, CBPR+
  • Dieter Goerdten
    SIX, Head WG PaCoS
  • Sergio Greco
    UBS, EPC Legal Support Group
  • Alain Hiltgen
    UBS, EPC Payments Security Support Group
  • Christian Kleine
    UBS, EPC General Assembly
  • Denise Locher
    SIX (secrétaire)
  • Carlos Philippen
  • Thomas Reske
    SIX, EPC Scheme Evolution & Maintenance WG
  • Simone Schmitz
    UBS, EPC SCT Inst. Recognition Mark TF
  • Philipp Stahel
    UBS, EPC Mobile Payments WG
  • Istvan Teglas
    SIX, EPC Scheme Evolution & Maintenance Standards TF
  • Simon Tribelhorn
    Liechtensteinischer Bankenverband (for the Liechtenstein banks)
  • Dominik Vogel