Worth knowing about the Guided Tour

What is the Guided Tour?

In the Guided Tour, the Swiss RTGS system (SIC, euroSIC), CLS (Continuous Linked Settlement) and the Swiss Value Chain are characterized clearly and comprehensibly as Flash presentations.

How do you navigate in the Guided Tour?


1) Back to the last content window
2) Back to the main menu (only active if the module was called up from the main menu)
3) Call up inter-module topics such as statistics, prices
4) Further to the next content window

Call up specific contents

A rollover effect signals to you that there is content behind the icon. The contents will be displayed in a pop-up window.

Call up all contents linearly

With the arrow navigation you can fade in all contents windows one after another and thus click through the entire content.
Individual content windows have even more sophisticated selection options.

Close content window

To close the content window, simply click on the title area.

Interrupt animation

You can stop or resume an animation by clicking on it. The red bar in the hand indicates that you have interrupted the animation.