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Scroll through some of SIX Securities Services milestones in 2015.

1st Quarter

22 January

Electronic Payments makes the move to SIX Securities Services

SIX Interbank Clearing and SIX Paynet come out of the starting blocks at full speed! As the newest members of SIX Securities Services, the first invoicing for 2015 gets processed seamlessly over a new company code.

12-27 February

SIX Securities Services is the first CSD to receive ECB certification

The European Central Bank (ECB) certifies that SIX Securities Services has successfully completed the necessary certification tests to use the TARGET2-Securities (T2S) platform services as a CSD. So we are ready for the next important phase - the T2S Community Testing (2 March until 15 May). It is essential for the Swiss community to participate and to complete the Community Testing as planned. Therefore, SIX Securities Services works closely with its clients to meet the official migration deadline of Monday, 22 June 2015.

T2S is one of the EU's biggest infrastructure projects. Run by the Eurosystem, the project began in 2012 and will lead to the establishment of a pan-European platform to settle securities in Central Bank Money (CeBM) and to harmonize settlement processes across the Eurozone.

16 March

"Can luxury be a sin - the business of pomp and prestige" - new special exhibition at Wertpapierwelt

The world's first international securities museum Wertpapierwelt in Olten introduces the exhibition "Can luxury be a sin - the business of pomp and prestige" and examines various aspects of this age-old question. The exhibition will run until 2016.

2nd Quarter

16 April

New euroSIC system on SIC4

A new era in interbank payment traffic is ushered in on 16 April 2015. SIX Interbank Clearing's payment system euroSIC provides banks worldwide with efficient and inexpensive access to the euro finance marketplace and to the Swiss financial center. Effectively, this means that the introduction of euroSIC affects everyone who pays in euro with their card in a Swiss shop, anyone who allows direct debits in euro or purchases euro denominated securities on the Swiss stock exchange.

1 May

SIX x-clear officially integrates Oslo Clearing ASA

The Norwegian CCP, which has till now been a wholly owned subsidiary of the Oslo Stock Exchange, gets successfully integrated into SIX Securities Services complementing the activities of SIX x-clear.

5 May

Swiss Banking Operations Forum by SIX Interbank Clearing

SIX Interbank Clearing invites over 150 specialists from financial institutions to the Swiss Banking Operations Forum in Zurich offering a number of insightful speeches in the area of payment transactions and on the future of payments as a whole.

12 June

SIX Securities Services celebrates its 45th anniversary!

The story of SIX Securities Services began 45 years ago when Schweizerischen Effekten-Giro AG (SEGA) was created on, the 4th of June 1970. A joint venture by Swiss banks, SEGA pioneered the idea of a simplified, centralized administration for securities and the bookkeeping for ownership transfers.

22 June

T2S - We promised. We delivered.

After years of development and implementation, SIX Securities Services successfully connects the Swiss market to TARGET2-Securities (T2S), one of the largest infrastructure projects in the European Union. More than 50 SIX Securities Services employees worked through the weekend and nights to upload data, monitor settlements and kick off the first real-time settlement cycle in the T2S environment.

In so doing, SIX Securities Services becomes the first major CSD to connect to T2S.

3rd Quarter

25 July

First transfer to new custodian Citibank in the US

To provide our clients with the best service possible, SIX Securities Services opted for a change of custodian in the US and appointed Citibank as its new custodian. To ensure a smooth transition, SIX Securities Services starts with a pilot phase transferring the first client 25 July 2015.

20 & 21 August

First Blockchain Technology Workshop in Switzerland

If a technology is turning the banking world on its head, then it has be the blockchain. On 20 and 21 August 2015, SIX Securities Services in Olten played host to the first Blockchain Technology Workshop in Switzerland.

Financial institutions and clearing houses could use it to revolutionize their processes and systems; which is why the financial world has been looking at blockchain for a number of months now.

4th Quarter


Top performance in "Major Market Agent Bank Survey" 2015

In this year's "Major Market Agent Bank Survey" carried out by Global Custodian, SIX Securities Services occupies the top spot in the Swiss market and as an ICSD. We achieve a significant improvement in 2015 compared to the result of 2014 and get the highest ratings in ten out of twelve categories, including Settlement, Asset Servicing, Technology and Additional Services.

The same pattern is seen in the SIX client survey, where SIX Securities Services continues to show the highest level of client satisfaction. Furthermore, our clients once again recorded the highest values for client retention.

12 to 15 October

Sibos 2015 in Singapore - with SIX Securities Services!

The SIX Securities Services stand at Sibos in Singapore becomes a hub for the Swiss financial community hosting some 80 business meetings. High-level delegates how SIX Securities Services and SIX as a whole are addressing today's market and client challenges and how we are establishing new opportunities.

Sibos is the world's premier financial services event organized by SWIFT bringing together some 8,300 business leaders, decision-makers and topic experts from a range of financial institutions, market infrastructures, multinational corporations and technology partners. This year, the annual conference, exhibition and networking event took place at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Singapore from 12 to 15 October 2015.

1 December

Expedition "everbest" - SIX employees walk over 20'000 Francs!

SIX walks around the world! By using pedometers to count the number of steps over the course of 40 days, SIX staff managed to climb Mount Everest -virtually, of course. Some 2,000 SIX employees worldwide including SIX Securities Services clocked up a total of 413'113'773 steps. This means that together, they walked around the globe almost six times thereby raising an amount of CHF 20'656 for 'Kam For Sud' an aid project in Nepal.

3 December

AA credit rating from Standard & Poor's - again!

SIX SIS Ltd and SIX x-clear Ltd get an AA credit rating from Standard & Poor's for the 6th time in a row. Explaining their decision, the valuation from S&P underscored the key function of SIX as the owner and operator of the Swiss financial infrastructure with a solid balance sheet structure and high capital backing, high liquidity, reliable risk management as well as a high degree of diversification all of which reduce the companies' dependence on capital market fluctuations.