Mobile payments made easy for you and your customers. Paymit is the ideal entry into the world of mobile payment: Paymit Business can be set up fast, used immediately and needs no technical infrastructure. Offer Paymit now

Good reasons for Paymit Business.

The easy-to-use mobile payment method for Swiss merchants.

With Paymit, you can offer your customers an even faster and more modern payment experience. It takes just seconds for your customers to pay using their smartphones – simple, convenient and fast.

Your benefits at a glance.

  • The mobile payment solution: activated in a few steps 
  • Large Paymit community: most-used payment app in Switzerland with 250,000 downloads
  • Less cash handling and fewer cash discrepancies
  • Can be used immediately without a payment terminal
  • Supported by SIX, the leading Swiss banks and the largest partner network