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The six most important questions & answers

What are you interested in?


What is Paymit?

What does the name Paymit mean?

What languages is the app available in?

Is Paymit easy to use?

Paymit "works between all banks" – what does that mean?

Who can use Paymit?

What are the technical requirements for using Paymit?

What are the charges for using Paymit?

Does Paymit work when I'm offline?

Why and when do I have to log in to use Paymit?

What are my obligations as a user?

My smartphone uses two SIM cards. Can I use Paymit?

Why isn't Paymit available for Windows devices?

I don't want to use Paymit any more, what do I need to do?

Why should I grant Paymit access to my location services, camera and contacts?


Are Paymit payments secure?

Is my privacy protected?

Can my Paymit account be blocked or deleted?

How do I change my PIN?

Are there any transaction limits?

Payments between individuals

How does a payment transaction work?

Can I see the status of a payment or request?

I want to send a payment to someone who doesn't have Paymit. What do I need to do?

What happens when I send money to a recipient who has a mobile phone that isn't a smartphone?

Will I receive a message to say that I have received a payment or payment request?

Why should I grant Paymit access to my camera and contacts?

Paying merchants

Where can I pay using SIX Paymit?

How does the payment function work?

How can I be sure that the payment is sent to the right merchant?

How can the merchant be sure that it has received the payment?

Why should I grant Paymit access to my camera and location services?

Managing credit

How can I load credit onto SIX Paymit?

Which credit cards are supported?

How many credit cards can I register?

Can I register my company account for Paymit and give my company credit card details?

How many bank accounts can I register?

My Paymit balance is very high – can I transfer it to my bank account?

What happens to my credit balance if I delete my bank account details?

What happens to my credit balance if I delete my bank account details?

Can I register a joint account? Like an account shared with my spouse?


I've forgotten my PIN, what should I do?

I've lost my smartphone, what should I do?

I've found my smartphone again, what should I do?

During a payment I notice that my smartphone's battery is dead, what should I do?

What should I do if the app doesn't work?

My transaction has not gone through – what's gone wrong?

Can I reverse a payment made by mistake?

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