Thousands of companies in Switzerland are already using e-billing – are you?

Thousands of companies in Switzerland are already using e-billing – are you?

Each year, 800 million paper bills are mailed in Switzerland by companies and public authorities. This isn't necessary at all! Because thanks to e-billing from SIX, there is an efficient, inexpensive and direct solution.

Large companies generate a large volume of paper bills. The disadvantages are obvious: sending and receiving paper bills incurs huge costs in the accounts payable and receivable processes. In addition, paper bills involve many manual steps, are prone to error, require long processing times – and soon lead to annual paper consumption amounting to several tonnes.

This is where e-billing from SIX offers large companies real added value. It optimizes your billing processes, saves costs, reduces the amount of manual work and cuts paper consumption at a stroke. At the same time, e-billing demonstrates that your company is customer-focused and saves valuable time that you can spend on looking after customers and suppliers.

E-billing from SIX is really simple to implement, because we work closely with our customers' software providers and integration partners. Standardized interfaces in the customary invoicing and ERP systems make it easy to start using e-billing from SIX.

SIX gives you an advantage

E-billing from SIX offers you two decisive advantages: not only can you send bills to your customers via an electronic connection, but you can also receive bills from your suppliers directly in your accounts payable workflow or ERP system. Thanks to e-billing from SIX, paper bills will soon be a thing of the past in your company.

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