Leading industrial companies set standards in accounting, too

Leading industrial companies set standards in accounting, too

Optimize the way you process accounts payable and receivable. E-billing from SIX will help your industrial enterprise streamline processes and cut costs.

Cutting-edge technology and innovations are no longer sufficient. To hold their own in today's market, industrial companies must constantly undertake operational improvements and simplify their processes.

This is where electronic billing from SIX comes in, allowing you to automate many accounting activities and reduce costs. Wave goodbye to paper bills! They cause industrial enterprises extra work and high costs in their accounts departments.

Numerous industrial companies have already opted for automated electronic bill settlement. They can now process invoices from their suppliers cheaply and efficiently in their ERP systems. Shorter handling times allow them to take advantage of early payment discounts – and to benefit from significantly lower costs in their accounts payable process.

Thanks to e-billing, industrial companies are making not only their accounts payable but also their accounts receivable processes more efficient.