All systems go – the public administration sector embraces e-billing

All systems go – the public administration sector embraces e-billing

Paper billing will soon belong to the past as public authorities opt for e-billing. Electronic billing does not simply ensure lean processes but also provides direct value-added for citizens and public offices.

The Confederation, cantons and municipalities are stepping up the introduction of e-billing as part of the "E-Government Switzerland Strategy". By the end of 2016, all public authorities in Switzerland must have the technical requirements in place to send and receive electronic bills. As of 1 January 2016, suppliers to the Federal Administration will be required to submit their bills electronically if the contract value exceeds CHF 5,000.

Wouldn't you prefer to have lean processes today, rather than tomorrow, and to benefit from high data quality in your accounting? Wouldn't it be helpful if your customers could settle bills from the Federal Finance and Tax Administrations, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office or other public bodies conveniently by e-bill, right now? Finally, don't you want to receive bills from your suppliers in a practical electronic form? All these things are easy to arrange with e-billing from SIX.

You send your bills to SIX electronically straight from your billing system and we transmit them to your customers or to other public offices.

Similarly, you can receive bills from your suppliers electronically via SIX, process them easily in an electronic release process or enter them accurately and quickly in your ERP system.