Stay one step ahead of the competition thanks to e-billing

Stay one step ahead of the competition thanks to e-billing

Has a customer recently enquired whether you offer electronic billing? Or has a major business customer asked you to invoice them electronically? Then the time has come for you to meet the growing customer demand for e-billing while simultaneously reducing your billing costs.

Electronic billing is picking up speed in Switzerland. More and more large companies are requiring their suppliers to provide it. The Federal Government is also promoting e-billing – as of 1 January 2016, suppliers to the Federal Administration will be required to submit their bills electronically if the contract value exceeds CHF 5,000. And finally, over a million e-banking customers have already opted for electronic billing.

SMEs benefit from electronic billing

As an SME, you can benefit from the significant advantages of electronic billing compared with traditional paper bills – for sending as well as receiving bills. You will cut your paper consumption, reduce the number of manual steps in your accounting processes and give your customers something they are asking for. And there's another advantage: your business customers process electronic bills considerably faster than those they receive on paper. That means you get your money sooner.

Our offers for SMEs

SIX offers you simple, customized ways to send and receive bills electronically:

  • Sending bills: The E-Bill Starter Package is the complete, practical solution for sending electronic bills to your retail and business customers.
  • Receiving bills: The E-Bill Business Package allows you to receive and pay your bills directly in your e-banking system – conveniently, quickly and in compliance with VAT regulations.

Or do you already use billing or ERP software that has an interface with SIX? Then it will be really simple for you to use your existing software to send and receive bills electronically. We work closely with our customers' software providers to make it easy for our customers to participate in e-billing.

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