E-billing in the accounts payable process: as efficient as it gets!

E-billing in the accounts payable process: as efficient as it gets!

Do you want to permanently reduce the workload in your accounts payable process? Receive bills centrally and process them in the blink of an eye? Lift the burden on your employees? And always know what stage bills have reached in the approval process? Then it's time for you to introduce e-billing from SIX.

You open paper bills, allocate them internally, enter them in your accounting software and reconcile them against the order. Then you forward the bills to the relevant employee for checking. If a bill contains an error, you ask the supplier to issue a new one. Does this sound familiar? Then it's time to think about e-billing from SIX. E-billing allows your suppliers to send their invoices directly to your e-banking, accounts payable workflow or ERP system – paperlessly, without media breaks and in compliance with VAT requirements. E-billing makes it possible for your accounts payable department to avoid almost all of the time-consuming manual tasks associated with paper bills.

Receiving e-bills is easier than ever

E-billing is also the right choice for you. All common ERP and accounts payable workflow systems support the receipt of electronic bills via SIX. We work closely with our customers' software providers and integration partners to ensure this. Our customers' e-billing projects are thus concluded quickly and successfully.

Would you prefer to receive and pay your bills through your e-banking system? Ask your bank when you as a business customer will be able to register for e-bill using the new registration process.

E-billing offers significant savings potential

According to swissDIGIN, the Swiss digital invoice initiative, e-billing saves companies an average of up to 15 Swiss francs per bill.

The advantages of e-billing at a glance:

  • Manual workload reduced
  • No media breaks and therefore fewer errors
  • Optimization of cash management and discount utilization
  • Bill status known at all times
  • Fewer investigations and less error processing
  • Fully automated processing of bills with order references
  • Reduced workload for your employees and more time for supplier management

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