Sending e-bills: score points with your customers

Sending e-bills: score points with your customers

Paper bills do not add value. Quite the opposite is true: they lead to unnecessary effort and costs of up to five Swiss francs. This doesn't need to be the case. E-billing from SIX makes it possible to process bills simply and cost-effectively.

Up to now, sending bills to your customers has involved numerous steps: you create the invoice on the computer, print it and put it in an envelope. You frank the envelope and put it in the post. The bill then reaches the customer one to three days later. Further manual steps follow before the bill is finally paid by the customer.

E-billing from SIX saves you and your customers this unnecessary effort and the high costs associated with billing. Instead of issuing a paper bill, you send your bills to SIX electronically. We then digitally sign the bills in accordance with legal requirements and deliver them directly to the e-banking, accounts payable workflow or ERP systems of your retail and business customers.

Sending e-bills is easier than ever

We work closely with our customers' software providers and integration partners. Most billing software solutions are able to create e-bills and send them to SIX.

If your billing software does not have the facility to send e-bills, or you only issue a small volume of bills, the E-Bill Starter Package with Paynet Upload from SIX is a practical alternative.

The advantages of e-billing at a glance

  • Reduced paper and printing costs and manual effort
  • E-bills are delivered directly and securely to your customers
  • No media breaks and therefore fewer errors
  • Timely payments
  • Satisfied customers

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