SIX helps you promote e-billing

SIX helps you promote e-billing

Whether you receive electronic bills from suppliers or send electronic bills to customers – SIX knows which marketing measures will help you promote e-billing.

You want your suppliers to submit their bills electronically and are wondering how to persuade them to do so? Or you've already introduced e-billing and want as many customers as possible to pay their bills electronically? Just ask the marketing specialists at SIX.

For many years now, SIX has been working successfully with banks to promote e-billing. Thanks to new marketing campaigns every year, over a million e-banking customers in Switzerland have already opted for straightforward, convenient e-billing.

We assist you with advertising material such as logos, flyers, banners for use in print and online, and text modules, so that e-billing will be a complete success for you too. Find out more about the current campaign at

Naturally, the experts at SIX will not only help you with marketing measures to persuade retail customers to make the switch – we'll also be happy to advise you on how to persuade business customers.

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