Private client

How can I register for the e-bill service?

My name has changed. Where can I make the necessary amendment?

My e-mail address has changed. Where must I enter the new e-mail address so that I receive e-mail notifications at this new e-mail address?

My address has changed. I have already notified my bank, but the old address is still displayed when registering with a biller.

I am going to switch banks and in future would like to receive and pay e-bills via my new e-banking account. What do I need to do?

I have forgotten my activation code. Who can I contact?

I have forgotten my Paynet number/participant number (PID). Who can I contact?

I do not yet have a Paynet number/participant number (PID). Where can I obtain these?

I have registered with a biller but am not receiving any e-bills.

Why am I receiving e-mails from “” without any additional information about the biller or the bank?

I have a question to which I can't find an answer on this page.