Printplus AG

Printplus. Software that inspires.

Diepoldsau-based Printplus AG specializes in the development of industry-specific software for the graphics industry. Conceived in 1984 as an individual solution for a modern printing firm, the company now provides one of the most successful industry solutions for printers and publishers. Printplus software is used by more than 400 customers in over 5,000 workplaces in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Alongside software solutions, Printplus provides consulting services and expertise in the optimization of business processes. All tasks – from development to consulting and sales – are handled by 40 permanent employees, who may be graphics industry specialists or IT experts depending on the task in question.


Printplus AG
Hintere Kirchstrasse3
9444 Diepoldsau
T +41 717 379 800