Soreco AG

Soreco AG develops and markets standard business software for use across different sectors by medium and larger-sized SMEs, major companies and public administration.

With 30 employees, Soreco and its partners serve around 300 companies in a range of industries. The head office is in Schwerzenbach near Zurich. Soreco AG employs innovative information technology to put in place ERP solutions, simplifying complex processes.


  • Xpert.Finance, Finanzbuchhaltung
  • Xpert.Billing, Fakturierung
  • Xpert.Controlling/FXA, Betriebs- und Anlagenbuchhaltung
  • Xpert.APF, Rechnungseingangsprozess
  • Xpert.ORD, Bestellprozess


Soreco Schweiz AG
Ringstrasse 7
8603 Schwerzenbach
T +41 58 666 36 36
Soreco Schweiz AG
Claude Sieber