The CH Repo Market comprises many standardized and non-standardized terms. The contracts in the CH Repo Market are differentiated by their term.

Standard Fixed Term

The following contracts with standardized terms can be traded:

  • Intraday (IN)
  • Overnight (ON)
  • TomNext (TN)
  • SpotNext (SN)
  • 1 Week (1W)
  • 2 Week (2W)
  • 3 Week (3W)
  • 1 Month (1M)
  • 2 Months (2M)
  • 3 Months (3M)
  • 6 Months (6M)
  • 9 Months (9M)
  • 12 Months (12M)
In addition, you can trade non-standardized contracts, i.e. Purchase and Repurchase can be negotiated.


Variable Term

For contracts with variable terms, the Repo Rate can be negotiated in basis points as an offset to a benchmark (e.g. SARON).

Open Term

For Open Term contracts, the counterparties can negotiate a repurchase date during the term.


There are two types of collateral in the CH Repo market: baskets (“General Collateral”, GC) and securities (“Special”, SPC) An overview of all contracts including the supported trading currencies, the types of collateral and terms is available in the Product Specifications for the CH Repo Market.

Liquidity-shortage financing facility

The participants of the CH Repo Market have access to the liquidity-shortage financing facility (if agreed with the SNB).