Technical Connection

Each participant is responsible for the technical connection to the CO:RE Trading Platform. All software components and required VPN certificates for the secure connection are free of charge.

Technical connectivity to CO:RE Trading Platform is provided by the SIX Common Access Portal (SCAP)

SCAP provides access to both trading environments (member test and production). The participant's router and/or software clients and SCAP may communicate via an encrypted VPN tunnel. This uses the Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) and Internet Key Exchange (IKE) protocols. 

Process overview

After submitting all the required forms for participating in SIX Repo markets, the participant receives individual online log-on details for the participant section on the SIX Repo website. Here they can download documents, software, VPN certificates and router configurations as well as all other relevant information for the installation and configuration of the CO:RE Trading Platform.

Connectivity options

To connect to the CO:RE Trading Platform production and member test environments, one of the following options is needed: 

1) Internet connectivity (at least 1mb) – simple and cost-effective

Internet connectivity is a simple, non-redundant and cost-effective solution. It is the ideal solution for participants with low trading volumes.

2) Managed IP service – outsourcing network maintenance to service providers

The Managed IP service option is designed for participants wishing to outsource the maintenance of their network to a specialist service provider.

We support Managed IP / leased lines from swisscom/Verizon Business, BT-Radianz, Deutsche Börse AG and SIA S.p.A.. The related lines must be ordered directly from the provider by the participant.

All technical infrastructure of third-parties is in their responsibility.

3) Web-based access – outsourcing to service provider

The service provider oraïse GmbH offers access to the CO:RE Trading Platform via a web browser and login token. With this VPN infrastructure solution, software installations and release upgrades are not required.

All technical infrastructure of third-parties is in their responsibility.