SIX Repo Ltd holds an examination for new traders of its participants. The examination takes place online and has a modular structure comprising of a series of multiple-choice questions.

Due to the web-based examination new traders from SIX Repo Ltd participants can complete the examination either at their own premises or following the training course in Zurich. The test can be taken at any time, and participants can choose to hold examinations for individuals or groups. Once the examination is has been completed, the trader can immediately view and print out the result.

In order to trade in the markets of SIX Repo Ltd, a valid Repo Trader Certificate is required. The Repo Trader Certificate expires if a trader is not registered as a repo trader for a period of two years. Upon re-registration, the examination must be completed again. If a trader has a trader license for the Swiss Franc Repo Market of Eurex Repo, this shall be sufficient for trade authorization and the obligation to re-sit the examination shall no longer apply.

Content "Theory & Practice" modules


  • Profile SIX Repo Ltd
  • Overview Repo theory
  • SNB auctions and repo transactions
  • Life cycle of a repo transaction with triparty service
  • Overview of regulations


  • set-up of administrators and users
  • configuration of reference data
  • basic functionalities in the trading GUI
  • processing of trading orders (quoting and bilateral trading)
  • auctions