Thema Details
Examination structure
Traders are tested on their knowledge of the content of the "Theory & Regulations" and "Practice" modules.
Duration / number of questions
1 hour / 50 questions



Following prior registration, the examination can be completed online by the trader at the premises of the SIX Repo AG participant. The participant is responsible for ensuring the proper completion of the examination. The responsible compliance officer (exam head) receives the login data and all the information required by the trader to complete the examination following registration.

The participant is free to choose when the examination is taken. The examination can be repeated as many times as is necessary.

If there is a new compliance officer or any changes to personnel, please use the following form to notify SIX Repo AG of this:

- Head Exam Registration and Modification

German and English
Target audience
New traders of SIX Repo AG participants
Attainment of Repo Trader Certificate
Completion of the training courseor or self-study on the basis of the preparatory documents.
Aids All preparatory documents may be used during the examination.

Only the abovementioned target audience is permitted to complete the examination.

We offer the training course training course (non-mandatory) as preparation for the examination.

The Repo Trader Certificate expires if a trader is not registered as a repo trader for a period of two years. Upon re-registration, the examination must be completed again.