About SIX x-clear Ltd

As a clearing house and central counterparty, SIX x-clear Ltd occupies an intermediary position between the trading parties.

Clearing is effected after a trade has been executed (matching) and before it is settled. The purpose of clearing is to efficiently handle the risks inherent in trading contracts that have been executed but are still unsettled. The central counterparty steps into the contracts as an intermediary and represents the buyer with respect to each seller and vice versa.

Founded as the central counterparty (CCP) for the Swiss market in 2003, SIX x-clear Ltd today clears multiple instruments in most European markets – and has been at the forefront of interoperability and competition since its creation.

As a CCP, SIX x-clear Ltd undertakes the following principle tasks:

  • Ensuring post-trade anonymity
  • Eliminating bilateral counterparty risk between trade execution and settlement
  • Settlement netting
  • Risk management

Today, our clearing services span multiple exchanges and trading venues, including SIX Swiss Exchange Ltd, Oslo Børs, the London Stock Exchange, Cboe Europe, Aquis Exchange, BlockMatch, Equiduct, Nasdaq Nordic Exchanges, Sigma X, Traiana, Turquoise and UBS MTF. More are in the pipeline for interoperable clearing.

While we have maintained a strong focus on cash products, asset classes now also cover exchange-traded derivatives and fixed income.

SIX x-clear Ltd is a Financial Market Infrastructure (FMI) according to the Swiss Financial Market Infrastructure legislation. It is licensed by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) and is also subject to the oversight of the Swiss National Bank (SNB) as a systemically important FMI.

In the European markets SIX x-clear Ltd is admitted to provide its clearing services based on recognition by the European Securities and Markets Authority (in accordance with chapter 4 title III of EMIR). Furthermore, SIX x-clear’s system of payments and securities transfers has been officially designated by the Bank of England as a system under Settlement Finality Regulations.

SIX x-clear Ltd strives to deliver best practice and market solutions; in that context SIX x-clear Ltd is an active member of EACH (European Association of Clearing Houses) and works closely with the industry association AFME (Association for Financial Markets in Europe) and other industry associations.

We are a part of SIX, user owned and market driven, and equipped with a strong balance sheet. This strength is reflected in our consistently excellent credit rating of A+ (S&P). As SIX Securities & Exchanges, we are able to offer integrated solutions for clearing, settlement, custody and collateral management.