Risk Management Operations Clearing

Court orders according to regulation article 22 of the UK Settlement Finality Regulations

Please contact SIX x-clear Risk Management Operations team via the following contact addresses in case of court orders referring to article 22 of the UK Settlement Finality Regulations.

Escalation process

We are committed to quality and strive to maintain and improve our already high service standards. Operational order processing follows the motto "experts talking to experts". This guarantees that the specialist responsible for a field of business on the client side communicates with the respective specialist at SIX x-clear Ltd / SIX SIS Ltd. If you need to get in contact with us regarding our operational services, various escalation levels are in place for you to address your issues.

At escalation level 1 you place your demand with the management staff of the operational unit. They will do their utmost to find a quick solution to the problem.

If your complaint cannot be settled to your satisfaction, at escalation levels 2 the Risk Management team and the responsible management staff will be at your disposal.

SIX x-clear Settlement Desk

If you are a client of SIX SIS Ltd, for settlement queries please log on to our Private website and consult our List of contacts. Our specialists will be happy to help you further.