Cboe Europe Equities

Cboe is one of the world's largest exchange holding companies, offering trading and investment solutions to investors around the world.

Cboe Europe Equities customers can access liquidity in more than 4,500 equities across 15 major European markets, as well as exchange-traded products and depository receipts. They offer an interoperable post-trade model via SIX x-clear, LCH Ltd and Euroccp NV. Pan-European equities market data and trade reporting services are offered too. In addition, Cboe Europe Equities supports real-time monitoring of latency, trading activity, network connectivity and risk management.

Based in London, Cboe Europe Equities supports competition and drives innovation in the European equities markets. Cboe Europe Equities trading participants receive world-class support including sophisticated technical port services with real-time monitoring of latency, trading activity, network connectivity and risk management.

Cboe Europe Equities, which became a Recognized Investment Exchange (RIE) in May 2013, is the largest European equities exchange by market share and value traded, and represents the combination in 2011 of the two leading pan-European multilateral trading facilities (MTFs), Cboe Europe Equities. Cboe Europe Equities is the first MTF to make the transition to full RIE status.

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General Terms and Conditions of Business (English Law) SIX x-clear Ltd for Clearing Services | xcl-302

The revised GTC (valid as of 1 November 2018) have been published and thus enacted.


Rules and Regulations of SIX x-clear Ltd and SIX SIS Ltd - Lending norms for SIX x-clear Ltd and SIX SIS Ltd as of 1 June 2018

- SIX x-clear Zurich accepts cash collateral in NOK, DKK and SEK.
- Maturing bonds, that have been posted as collateral, must be replaced 8 days prior to their maturity at the latest.

Rules and Regulations SIX x-clear Ltd - Clearing Terms of SIX x-clear Ltd | xcl-510

Periodic Revision with changes to the content in chapters:
- 8.1.1 Principle
- 8.6.2 Link Margin Element Model
- 8.6.3 Calculation of the Link Margin Element
- 8.6.4 Margin call
- 8.7 OTC Extended Window Clearing Service and
- 9.1 Daily margin call