Equiduct (Börse Berlin)

Börse Berlin is the regulated market for its members to conduct exchange business on Equiduct and is directly responsible for the regulatory framework for trading on the Equiduct platform.

Under European law and MiFID, electronic trading on Equiduct is classed as trading on a regulated market. Trading on Equiduct is monitored by Market Surveillance (HUEST), an independent body within the organization of the Exchange. Market Surveillance is responsible for ensuring price integrity and monitoring members’ compliance with the Exchange Rules.

SIX x-clear Ltd offers cash equity clearing services in all Equiduct markets and also clears ETFs in Switzerland and Germany. For further information about our Clearing Business Model for Equiduct please refer to the FrontLine > Clearing for Börse Berlin Equiduct.pdf.

Equiduct offers a fast and cost-effective trading solution. The sophisticated market model enables best execution using the VBBO (Volume-weighted Best Bid and Offer), PartnerEx and HybridBook product modules.

Further Clearing client information are available on our Private website > Download center.

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