SIX Swiss Exchange Ltd

SIX Swiss Exchange Ltd operates several trading platforms and is the marketplace for various types of securities, including equities, ETFs, investment funds and bonds.

SIX Swiss Exchange Ltd also performs regulatory tasks in Switzerland; under the self-regulatory regime prescribed by law, it determines the requirements for listing and maintaining the listing of securities on the exchange. SIX Swiss Exchange Ltd is subject to Swiss law (Federal Act on Stock Exchanges and Securities Trading, SESTA) and is supervised by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA).

SIX x-clear Ltd provides clearing services for all clearing-eligible cash equities and ETFs listed and traded on SIX Swiss Exchange Ltd.

SIX x-clear Ltd offers very high settlement efficiency combined with an integrated fails lending process. The combination of SIX Swiss Exchange Ltd, SIX x-clear Ltd and SIX SIS Ltd for trading, clearing and settlement completes what is known internationally as the Swiss Value Chain.

Further Clearing client information are available on our Private website > Download center.

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