Conversion table

Following positive advice from the Commission's Monitoring Group, each CSD has agreed to publish a "Conversion Table" (hereinafter "table"), which has as main objective to ease the comparability of CSD services and tariff structures for users and end investors.


The table maps the entries of the CSD's tariff brochure to a set of common service definitions, based on the Commission's definitions for post-trading as referenced in the Code of Conduct.

How to read the Table

Column 1: The list of services corresponds to the one specified in the Code of Conduct and uses the Commission definition (where available). 

Column 2: Provides guidelines on which subsections belong to the defined services. As the list is not exhaustive, the "Other" category may need to be used. The purpose of this column is to facilitate completion of the Table by CSDs that provide similar but not identical services in an effort to group such services under subheadings. In all cases, it should not be seen as an effort to invalidate or modify the Commission definitions of post-trading services.

Column 3: Includes the heading of the CSD's tariff caption that corresponds to the service and subsection specified in columns 1 and 2. If not relevant for the CSD, it includes "Service not offered" or "Service not charged for separately".

Column 4: Includes a reference to the CSD's tariff brochure.

Column 5: Specifies to whom the fees are charged. Four possibilities are proposed: issuer (or its agent), intermediary, end investor and other.

Column 6: Includes a short service description, explanation of acronyms or a reference to service description documentation.