Terms and conditions of admission as a participant of SIX SIS Ltd

As clients and participants, SIX SIS Ltd accepts natural and legal persons that professionally engage in securities trading or in the settlement of securities transactions for third parties and are adequately regulated and supervised with regard to money laundering as

  • banks in accordance with the Swiss Federal Law on Banks and Savings Banks of 8 November 1934 (Banking Law);
  • foreign banks that are subject to the same degree of regulation and supervision as banks in Switzerland;
  • securities traders as defined by the provisions of the Federal Law on Stock Exchanges and Securities Trading of 24 March 1995 (Stock Exchange Law);
  • foreign securities traders who are subject to the same degree of regulation and supervision as securities traders in Switzerland;
  • clearing houses in accordance with the laws of the country of domicile;
  • administrative units organized in terms of public law that hold in custody or administer securities or hold them as book entries in the framework of their activities; and
  • other organizations active in the settlement, safekeeping or book entry of securities, in particular stock exchanges and nominee companies.

Further requirements for participation comprise:

  • signing of the services contract of SIX SIS Ltd;
  • maintenance of the respective cash accounts for the settlement of securities transactions; and
  • fulfilment of the technical and operational requirements for an interface to our SECOM system.

Admission as a participant is subject to the General Terms and Conditions (GTC) of