Maintenance of the main register by SIX SIS Ltd

The "Main register of all uncertificated securities managed at SIX SIS Ltd" is a database and provides information on the number of intermediated securities circulating in the SIX SIS Ltd clearing system based on uncertificated securities.

The legal basis for the register is Art. 6 Para. 1(c) and 2 of the Federal Intermediated Securities Act (FISA), SR 957.1.

SIX SIS maintains the main register as the sole custodian in terms of Art. 6 para. 2 of the Federal Intermediated Securities Act (FISA) for the uncertificated security issues recorded in the register.

Exceptions to this are those issues or securities specified on the Excluded Issues list (under downloads). The main register in terms of Art. 6 para. 2 FISA is not maintained by SIX SIS, but rather by the custodian banks mentioned there.

The main register of the custodian bank provides information on the total number of intermediated securities based on uncertificated securities 

Federal Law

The register discloses the International Securities Identification Number (ISIN), the quantity and the denomination of the respective uncertificated securities. The register is based on details provided by the issuers of the uncertificated securities. It is updated on a daily basis (end of business day).



SIX SIS Ltd does not guarantee the correctness, reliability, current nature or completeness of the information and views given on the SIX SIS website or in the main register. SIX SIS Ltd disclaims all liability for losses or damages of any kind that may result from use of the website or the information contained therein, or from the use of links to other sites.

Information transfer via the Internet can be subject to malfunctions, delays or errors in the data flow. SIX SIS Ltd is not liable for any resulting damages or consequential damages.


Excluded Issues

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