Data on Dormant Accounts (NaDa)

SIX SIS Ltd offers banks a service for dormant accounts consisting of a combined search and ask function available via the Internet.


With the "Search" method banks can search for the names of account holders or their successors who have lost contact with the bank. The queries can be conducted at different levels. Banks transmitting customer data to SIX SIS Ltd can specify the search level. Apart from two search levels within the SIX SIS Ltd database of dormant accounts, external search levels make it possible to query the database of Swiss Post as well as data stored at post offices and at the registration office. Client confidentiality is rigorously observed for searches on external search levels. It is also possible to place search orders in different European countries.


If the bank’s queries do not yield any results, the bank is required to submit the relevant data to SIX SIS Ltd, which enters the data in the dormant accounts database. Only the Swiss banking ombudsman and third parties authorized by the same may initiate new queries in the database. To use this service please apply for a license to the web-based NaDa application.

If you wish to register for the NaDa service, please fill in the registration form.



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For technical support
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