Tax Services

As an investor in Switzerland you can count on SIX Securities Services for comprehensive tax services. These include ESTV tax impositions, market-wise information as well as a highly experienced tax competence center.

SIX SIS Ltd's tax services comprise all national services in relation to withholding tax (tax services):

Tax Calculation for Control Purposes for Dividends (Manufactured Dividends)

To help you avoid a manufactured dividend tax debit (manufactured dividends are debited gross in Switzerland), you will receive online real-time information which will warn you five days in advance of the upcoming debit (implemented by the Swiss Federal Tax Administration, FTA). This allows you to manage your cum dividend positions instantly and therefore avoid the upcoming debit without violating the corresponding tax law.

Relief at Source for Swiss Investment Funds

Distributions on Swiss investment funds ("Anlagefonds") are also subject to 35% relief at source as they are treated as dividends. However, should at least 80% of a fund's distribution be derived from foreign (non-Swiss) sources, full relief at source is possible for non-Swiss residents.

Comprehensive Tax Information

Our tax experts are continuously searching for new information and new developments. You will find this information in the corresponding MarketGuide and MarketGuide Updates on our Private website. Direct access to the experts and our Tax Competence Center ensures that you are up-to-date with all the information you need.