Vault Services

SIX Securities Services, through SIX SIS Ltd, provides you with tailored safekeeping services. Covering your need to house valuable documents and objects in a safe and secure environment, you can rely on us for comprehensive safekeeping.

We also apply our high technical and security standards when it comes to safekeeping and administering your securities. Our vault houses one of the most modern systems for safekeeping and administering securities in the world.

All working processes in the maximum-security vault are fully automated. If a security has to be moved from the vault, for example if it needs to be delivered to a client, the order is sent to the vault system and the assets in question are transferred to the relevant work stations.

These fully automated systems ensure that all working processes are highly efficient and secure. All clients for whom we settle transactions in securities eligible for collective safekeeping (physical securities custody) can benefit from this state-of-the-art security system, as well as those clients who hold individual assets in separate safekeeping (EVV) with us.