Physical Securities Custody

SIX SIS Ltd’s physical securities custody service comprises all services in connection with physical securities that are processed in the Swiss Value Chain. These range from services related to new issues of physical securities and global securities, right the way through to the physical repayment and destruction of securities.

All securities that are available in physical and fungible form and can be traded via

SIX SIS Ltd's SECOM system are stored safely in our vault. All physical transactions in these securities are settled efficiently via the existing SECOM interface or webMax.

"Switzerland's Fort Knox" – as we like to call our fully automated, maximum-security vault – provides a wide range of services in connection with physical securities:

  • Physical remittance/withdrawal in collective custody (physical securities custody)
  • Physical processing of corporate actions
  • Repositioning of physical securities in the vault
  • Checking stolen and invalid certificates
  • Destruction of securities
  • Physical handling of new issues
  • Settlement of collection transactions from presenting banks in CHF
  • Declaration of non-US beneficial ownership (TEFRA D)