Separate Safekeeping (EVA)

SIX SIS Ltd’s separate safekeeping (EVA) is a tailor-made service, with the scope of services defined individually for the assets to be held for safekeeping.

This service enables securities, valuable documents and any type of valuable object that needs to be held externally, due to a lack of space or for security reasons, for example, to be stored safely in our vault. In order to efficiently process the required deposit and withdrawal information, SIX SIS Ltd has developed a web application and a web-based interface for its clients.

"Switzerland's Fort Knox" – as we like to call our fully automated, maximum-security vault – has opened its doors to your individual needs.

In addition to all the usual services provided by SIX SIS Ltd, such as remittances and withdrawals for your own account or for third parties and all types of corporate actions, we also carry out securities transfers with share registers and land registries. Discretion and a thoroughly professional approach are crucial to us in all aspects of business, not least when it comes to the safekeeping and administration of your confidential items, such as:

  • All types of securities
  • Precious metals
  • Insurance policies
  • Data carriers
  • Historical documents
  • Mortgage notes and certificates of liens on property
  • Contracts
  • Other valuable objects and documents