Corporate Actions Enhanced Services (CAES)

Corporate Actions Enhanced Services, or CAES, is an Internet-based service developed by SIX SIS Ltd. It contains a suite of services for the centralized and process-oriented administration of your corporate actions.

CAES reduces the data collection, verification and completion, traditionally labor-intensive and paper-based activities, and automates them. Today, your daily business can give rise to arduous manual operations. With CAES these chores will be as easy as child's play!

Efficient processing

The ultramodern CAES infrastructure provides a high degree of automation and allows quick access to relevant data via the Internet as well as direct instruction entry.

Reduced costs

Rapid acquisition of validated information and its efficient further transmission via CAES form the basis for attractive cost and time management.

Risk control

Matching, enrichment and refinement of the information collected for your corporate actions play a central role in minimizing settlement risk.


Security is a core value at SIX SIS Ltd. We furnish you with evaluated corporate action information of unprecedented quality from selected data providers 22 hours a day, 7 days a week. The key to CAES's latest generation IT architecture is a one-time password that can only be generated when in physical possession of the one-time password token (SafeWord®) and knowledge of the corresponding PIN and the "challenge", which is generated at random at each login.