SECOM stands for security and ready availability.

SECOM is the core system of SIX SIS Ltd. It was specifically developed for the processing and settlement of national and international securities transactions. It ranks among the world's most modern, secure and – importantly – cost-efficient clearing and settlement systems. All SECOM data is mirrored at the backup center in real time on a 24-hour basis, 7 days a week. Any risk of data loss can therefore be ruled out.

Transactions in real time – worldwide!

SECOM allows you to settle all your Swiss and international securities transactions via a single interface in real time – regardless of time zones. The very second the status of your transaction changes, you are informed via a "status intimation".

Communicating with SECOM could not be easier thanks to the browser-based
webMAX product family, which gives you access via the Internet. Alternatively, clients who prefer proprietary solutions can revert to computer/computer interfaces. SIX SIS Ltd is a globally active settlement provider and SWIFT is our strategic partner.

The SECOM network

Communication systems – alternatives