Asset Servicing

Whatever your international asset servicing needs may be, we can meet them. From information management and processing through to rights trading, instruction flow and deadline management, to market claims, proxy voting or market information management – we can satisfy your needs.

For everything related to your corporate actions activities you can count on us for value-added administration and services in over 60 markets.

Through our ability to act as a virtual CSD in most European markets, you can benefit from a full range of corporate actions processing services. These include:
  • Mandatory corporate actions
  • Voluntary corporate actions (special actions)
  • Mandatory corporate actions with options
Our asset servicing capability offers you the following:

Comprehensive Information Management

We gather information on upcoming corporate actions electronically from a variety of sources (sub-custodians, CSDs). We then take this information and compare it with feeds from industry data providers before informing you via SWIFT’s MT564/MT568 messages.

Naturally, we enrich these notifications with key additional information on restrictions, last trading days, tradeability/deliverability of rights, etc.

In addition, you can download prospectuses quickly and easily from our Corporate Actions Enhanced Services (CAES) web portal.

Value Date Booking

Depending on the market, we credit your account on a contractual basis (on pay date) or on an actual basis (after receipt of payment for our custodian). All income bookings will be confirmed using MT566. Consequently you can count on comprehensive insight into your cash positions allowing you to plan your treasury activities more efficiently and effectively.

Market Claims

Increasingly, traditional stock markets are moving to become "record date"markets. The consequence for you is a significant drop-off in pending orders. Subject to local market regulation, SIX Securities & Exchanges makes compensation payments for such pending orders. These can be carried out either automatically or upon request and are confirmed using SWIFT messages (MT566).

Market Deadlines

SIX Securities & Exchanges offers its clients a number of different service levels for corporate actions, with deadlines ranging between 6 and 24 business hours before the market deadline. We also offer a reminder service, which significantly reduces risks.

Highly Automated Instruction Processing

SIX Securities & Exchanges processes its SWIFT MT565 instructions automatically and confirms that they have been issued correctly by means of message MT567. This enables you, as a client, to easily issue instructions with the minimum of risk using our Corporate Actions Enhanced Services (CAES) web portal.

Rights Trading

As a SIX Securities & Exchanges client, you may place your rights trading orders with us. These are then forwarded to our depositories abroad and executed on a best-effort basis. Confirmation of execution is made via MT566.

Proxy Voting

Using our CAES web portal you can easily send orders for information on general meetings with minimum risk. Based on an agreement with RiskMetrics, the information on upcoming general meetings is immediately made available to clients. You can also use the Corporate Actions Enhanced Services (CAES) web portal to order admission cards and issue proxy-voting instructions.

Needless to say, you can send your orders via SWIFT MT565 and rest assured that they will be executed in due time.

Market Information

As a client of SIX Securities & Exchanges, you are pro-actively informed of all changes to the markets which you settle through us. All this information can be found at any time on the Private website. Each market has separate chapters for corporate actions, cash-related corporate actions and tax services. Asset servicing is also explained in detail in the MarketGuide Operational Information. You will be pleasantly surprised by the amount of information available.