Cross-Border Settlement

Ranging from direct access to several European CSDs, to covering all asset classes, as well as our cross-border realignment service and the de-linked settlement model, SIX SIS can offer you unmatched international settlement services.

As an international client of SIX SIS, you benefit from real-time cross-border settlement and consistently high straight-through processing (STP) rates. The result is faster trade turnaround and a lower risk of fails.

Through SECOM – our online and real-time settlement system – we service over 60 markets with exceptionally high settlement rates combined with unparalleled processing speeds.

In addition, you can also benefit from our first-class network of direct CSD links and custodian banks, which offers you direct links to many international market infrastructures, allowing your transactions to settle even more efficiently.

Unique to SIX SIS is our cross-border realignment service. This means, effectively, you can apply a "buy here, settle there" approach to your transactions and leave the rest to us via our omnibus account structure.