Integrated Exchange and Settlement (INSET)

INSET – integrated settlement – is a new service in SIX Securities & Exchanges’ offering. It builds on our experience and expertise in making optimal use of the extended Swiss Value Chain.

At present there are two INSET models: INSET Access and INSET Exchange.

INSET Access

With INSET Access, you get direct access to all major stock exchanges and markets via a broker. You do not need to be a member of these stock exchanges and clearing houses yourself.

INSET Exchange

If you are a member of the stock exchange concerned, but not of the respective central counterparty, clearing can be effected via general clearing members (GCMs).

Straight-Through Processing (STP)

Straight-through processing means you need to issue only one instruction covering both trading and settlement.

When your order is executed, SIX SIS Ltd receives the settlement instruction directly from the relevant broker or trading venue. INSET offers various solutions involving brokers and stock exchanges via software providers. This results in complete straight-through processing in cross-border securities settlement.