Tax Services

As a dynamic international service provider, SIX SIS offers a comprehensive range of tax services. These cover all of your custody-related tax needs, including:

Standard Refunds

With SIX SIS, you can benefit from an array of tax reclaim services in accordance with local market regulation. Full details on our tax reclaim services, by country, are available in any of our up-to-date market guides (chapter 8.0) available on our Private website.

Quick Refunds

Where possible, SIX SIS offers quick refunds. This is by application and is explained in the very first MT564 for an underlying event – which makes it possible to meet even the tightest of market deadlines.

Relief at Source

Working on your behalf, we can apply appropriate treaty rates. This of course depends on existing treaties.You will find information on how to apply explained in the very first MT564 for the underlying event – making it possible to meet even the tightest of market deadlines.

Tax Vouchers

A tax voucher can be ordered for all markets. If the reclaim is filed via SIX SIS and there is a need for a tax voucher, then we will automatically produce the corresponding tax voucher.

Tax reporting

Whatever your tax reporting needs may be, we can cover them in over 60 countries.
SIX SIS provides all the relevant services (e.g. tax vouchers, German corporate tax receipts) in line with the conventions of the respective market you require.

Comprehensive Tax Information

Our tax experts are continuously monitoring the world markets for new information, new trends and new developments. You will find their expertise in over 60 MarketGuides and countless newsflashes and MarketGuide Updates on our private website. Direct access to our expertise via our own tax competence center assures that you are up to date with all the information you need.

Real-Time Online Tax Software

The new SIX SIS Tax Portal offers the possibility to manage and self-report all kinds of source tax transactions. You can see all of your standard and quick refunds and their status. Also all relief at source instructions are transparently visible for you. An online real-time query for all outstanding reclaims and instructions is the key for your self-reporting.

QI Support

SIX SIS offers full W-8/W-9 support. Along with a W-8IMY you can choose from an asset or income allocation account. An asset allocation account will be coded with the chosen treaty rate and all payments will be taxed in accordance with that treaty rate. For the income allocation account, all you need to do is send an electronic instruction (MT565) to adjust each payment.