Corporate Actions

For all fund securities you have under custody and safekeeping with SIX SIS, you can benefit from all types of corporate actions processing. This includes dividends, distributions, repurchase offers, capital increases, liquidations and tenders

Global Fund Services offers an extensive corporate action service for all fund securities held in custody with SIX SIS Ltd.

All types of corporate actions are provided, including dividends, distributions, repurchase offers, capital increases, liquidations and tenders.

We have dedicated teams covering both the traditional/mutual fund holdings and the non-traditional/hedge fund holdings. To ensure each action is comprehensively covered, an individual member of staff is responsible for the event from beginning to end of the processing chain.

Each corporate action event flows along the same underlying process:

In addition to the corporate action function, we are also pleased to offer a comprehensive proxy voting service for client-driven requests.

Our Corporate Actions Enhanced Services (CAES) platform contains a range of services for central and process-oriented administration of both your fund and non-fund corporate actions. The system has full SWIFT integration and is designed to be used as your primary platform for corporate action processing.

In addition to the instructing capability, the system also has:

  • Enhanced search and filter functions for finding executed, pending or forthcoming corporate actions in the GFS/CAES application
  • Comprehensive database containing verified and enriched information covering the complete event documentation