Subscription and Redemption

From hedge funds and other non-traditional funds to a whole host of other fund types, you can look to us for all of your investment trust subscription and redemption needs. Building on our direct connections with sub-custodians in all major markets and with over 300 transfer agents, we are ideally placed to be your single point of order execution.

Global Fund Services offers a simple, reliable and secure one-stop solution for subscribing and redeeming units of investment trusts across world-wide primary markets. We have proven expertise across all markets and fund types and are specialists in non-traditional and hedge funds.

Global Fund Services has a strong network of direct connections with custodians in all major markets for traditional and mutual funds and more than 300 transfer agents for non-traditional and hedge funds. As your single point of order execution, we represent your business to these custodians and transfer agents across the world and remove the need for you to establish and maintain these connections inhouse.

Our environment offers you full STP end-to-end execution and allows you to standardize your operations using SWIFT, our specialist fund platform GFS, fax and telephone.

Our specialist fund platform GFS is the ideal tool to manage all of your fund order requirements.

It offers the following functionalities:

  • Placement of all subscription, redemption and switch orders
  • Link to the funds database for queries during order placement
  • Retrieval of real-time status updates on pending orders
  • Queries of all archived instructions placed via GFS