Whether you use our specialist fund platform – GFS, or SWIFT, or fax or email, you can instruct us to carry out a range of activities on your behalf. This includes receive or deliver against payment, receive or deliver free of payment, mark-up, mark-down and account transfer – all seamlessly and efficiently.

In the transfer area, versus and free of payment orders can be quickly and securely received and processed via SWIFT, the GFS specialist fund platform, fax and webMAX.

Transfer deliveries can be settled and monitored globally with a variety of custodians, clearing houses and transfer agents.

Other services available in the transfer area include real-time status intimations on pending orders, the electronic dispatch/receipt of transfer-specific fund documents and access for our clients to a fund database when placing orders.

We offer the following types of transactions:

  • Receive versus payment
  • Receive free of payment
  • Delivery versus payment
  • Delivery free of payment
  • Mark-up instruction
  • Mark-down instruction