T2S Voice of Business survey!

Compared to other change initiatives within SIX Securities Services, how successful has the T2S Direct Program been executed over the last 6 years?

(6=Very successful/1=Not successful)

How well were you informed regarding the status of the Program and the next steps at any given point in time?

(6=Very well informed/1=Not informed )

How do you rate the quality of the implemented T2S software/functionalities?

(6=Very high/1=Very low)

How responsive/competent was the Program team regarding queries and/or support needed?

(6=Very responsive/1=Not responsive)

How ready is your line organization to take over complete responsibility for your respective T2S tasks?

(6=Ready/1=Not ready)

Kindly share with us lessons learned and best practices from the T2S Direct Program as well as any other feedback:

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

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