It’s time to be direct!

It’s time to be direct!

SIX Securities Services ISISdirect – for clear, transparent and effective problem management

As a significant – and free – improvement on our Integrated Service and Information System (ISIS) you can now count on ISISdirect. Through this new system, you can reach ‘directly’ into SIX Securities Services’ operational support area at SIX SIS Ltd and provide comprehensive information on any problems and issues you may have.

As a client, all you have to do is log in to ISISdirect, raise your ticket and allocate it to the specific area that it relates to, such as corporate actions processing or settlement.

Once done, you can – at any time afterwards – monitor who is dealing with your problem and how far along we are to resolving it. You are kept informed as and when the status of your problem changes through e-mail updates.

Naturally – and recognizing that all of our customers work in teams – you can define several workgroups and – within each workgroup – as many users as you need. You also have full control over how you manage your contact details and keep them up-to-date.

Besides full control over all of the information that relates to your organization and any operational issues you may encounter, you can count on fully encrypted and secure data transmission. This means that you can send and receive confidential documents and attachments securely.

Other advantages include:

  • user friendly entry for orders and queries
  • faster response times
  • online tracking
  • significantly reduced e-mail traffic
  • statistical reporting
  • easy archiving
  • no charge

For more information or documentation on ISISdirect, please get in touch with us at